Lag BaOmer: How To Celebrate!

Lag BaOmer 2020 here we come!

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Written by Debby
May 10, 2020

Lag BaOmer is a jewish celebration that occurs on the 33rd day of the Omer. In 2020, Lag BaOmer begins in the evening of Monday, May 11 and ends in the evening of Tuesday, May 12. This day marks the Yahrzeit of the great Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. It also commemorates another event; In the weeks between Pesach and Shavuos, a deathly plague struck the students of Rabbi Akiva, and on Lag BaOmer the dying ceased. Just like the plague stopped on Lag Baomer in Rabbi Akiva's times, we too should merit the same result, with an end to the Covid-19 virus! May we be Zoche to the coming of Moshiach quickly in our days!

Here are some ideas how you can celebrate Lag BaOmer:

1. Build a Bonfire

It is traditional to light bonfires on Lag BaOmer .We  commemorate  the light that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai introduced into the world with his Torah teachings. This year we won't have the big communal bonfires we are used too, but you can still build one in your backyard with the convenience of a fire pit, some smore's, and of course some music to dance too!

2. Backyard Barbecue

There's no Lag BaOmer celebration without a lavish backyard barbecue! Grab those Steaks and burgers and let them sizzle, all the while your family is sipping cold iced tea! Get creative with nice paper goods and your favorite condiments! Grab a hotdog and roast it in your bonfire!

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3. Bows & Arrows

Rabbi Akiva's students fooled the Romans by pretending they were hunting so we took on the activity of bow and arrow. Grab a bow and arrow and have bulls eye competitions with your family!

4. Get a Haircut

The Counting of the Omer is a mourning period, and observant Jews refrain from hair cutting during this time. On Lag BaOmer it is once again permitted to take a haircut. Additionally, it is a tradition for young children to get their first haircuts on Lag BaOmer. This tradition is called an Upsherin.


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