11 Easy Ways to Save Money on your Electric Bill

Some tips to help you conserve energy and save money!

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Written by Chayala
November 17, 2022

With today’s troublesome global economy everyone is looking to save money. Whether it’s looking for the cheapest gas station, buying discount produce or even saving money on your energy bills. Here are the top tips and tricks submitted by our followers on how to save more money on your monthly electricity bill.

1. Go Solar

Powering your home with solar energy can have numerous benefits. It increases the home value, lowers carbon monoxide and reduces electricity bills. Installing solar panels is one of the best investments you can get when owning your home, and many states offer rebates to those who install solar as well.

2. Change Air Filters Regularly

When you replace your air filters frequently, it will keep your system running more efficiently because of the unrestricted airflow, and can in turn reduce your electricity bills. Not only can fresh filters lower your A/C bill, it will keep your house less polluted. This is partially important for those with asthma or allergies. The suggested wait time to change your air filter is  every three months.

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3. Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs 

One of the easiest ways to save money on your electricity bill is by using energy efficient light bulbs. The most recommended energy efficient lights bulb are LED bulbs. Not only do you get more light output per watt, LED bulbs don't heat up that much and tend to last longer too.

4. Replace Old Appliances. 

By replacing your old appliances for energy efficient new ones, you can easily save on utility costs. Many new appliances have an Energy Rating sticker on them, telling you the estimated energy cost per year. It's a good idea to compare the energy rating on multiple appliances before buying them, to make sure you are getting the most efficient one.

5. Turn off Lights 

This task is quite simple and easy to do and is often overlooked. Get the whole family involved and make it a habit to shut off the light when leaving a room. This can save you lots on your electricity bill. For some rooms like a garage or bathroom, it may be suitable to install a motion sensor or timer that automatically turns off the light for you.

6. Shop for the Cheapest Energy Supplier

One of the easiest ways to save on your electricity bill is by switching your energy supplier. Once an electricity plan is in place it is vital to monitor your monthly bill. 

7. Seal Air Leaks around Windows and Doors

By sealing air leaks around windows and doors you are keeping cold and hot air out. Air leaks can cause a significant rise on your electric bill since it's often causing you to use more heat or air conditioning than needed. 

8. Get a Smart Thermostat

When it comes to saving money on energy, installing a smart thermostat is a quick and easy win. Not only do most energy companies subsidize them, some even give them away for free. Smart thermostats, like the Nest and Ecobee, allow you to heat and cool your home just like ordinary thermostats, however they have a neat trick up their sleeves: algorithms. These thermostats can learn your daily activities and preferred temperature settings, and based on them, modify the rooms temperature automatically. By doing this you will save lots of money on your electrical bill. 

9. Adjust your Thermostat

If you have a simple thermostat and don't want to install a fancy smart one, check to see if you have a schedule function on it. By simply enabling a schedule on your thermostat to lower the temperature by 5-10 degrees at certain times, you can drastically reduce your electric bill.

10. Use an Energy Efficient Water Heater

Upgrading to an energy efficient water heater will help you save lots on your electricity bill. Many electric companies offer rebates for this, so when installing one make sure to take advantage of this as well. 

11. Use Appliances Wisely

When using your washing machine or dishwasher, only use it when you have a full load as opposed to half a load. Also, when doing a load of laundry use cold or warm water as opposed to hot. Another way where you can save is by hanging your clothes dry, and by using the eco-mode on your machine if you have one.

Start Saving Today!

So what are you waiting for?! Take these actionable energy saving tips and put them into practice today! This way you'll have more money in your pocket to spend on clothing deals! 😉 If you have any other ideas on how to save on your electricity bill, let us know below in the comments and we'll be sure to add it!


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