Charles Tyrwhitt: The Best Wrinkle Free Shirt?

A quality Charles Tyrwhitt shirt is a must have for every men's closet.

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Written by Benjamin Drebin
November 20, 2022

Whether you work in the city or are constantly traveling for conferences, a couple of wrinkle free shirts are definitely a great addition to your wardrobe. At Dealperx, we share the best men's wrinkle free shirts on sale from brands such as Charles Tyrwhitt, T.M. Lewin and Brooks Brothers, and today we will be taking a closer look at Charles Tyrwhitt's men's wrinkle free shirts. Charles Tyrwhitt, like some of the other top men's shirt manufacturers, is located on Jermyn Street in London, a district famous for it's fashion.

In this article we will cover:

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Charles Tyrwhitt super slim fit wrinkle free shirt

Charles Tyrwhitt Wrinkle Free Shirt Quality

Let's start off this Charles Tyrwhitt shirt review by talking about shirt quality. When it comes to quality, there are many aspects to look at such as what the material is made of, if it stretches, does it stain easily, and if it rips easily. When it comes to Charles Tyrwhitt's wrinkle free shirts, they are constructed from 100% cotton. There is a subtle amount of stretch to the material, making it very comfortable to wear. The wrinkle-freeness also seems to last a long time, and is best in class. In my experience, if the shirt is cared for properly, the shirt remains wrinkle free for several years.

Charles Tyrwhitt Shirt Fit and Sizing

Charles Tyrwhitt shirts come in many colors, fits and sizes, ensuring you look your best at every stage of the game. Here are the different fits that CT Shirts offers:

Charles Tyrwhitt Classic Fit Shirts

The classic fit is the traditional Jermyn Street fit, roomy through the shoulders and chest for utmost comfort. It is recommended that you choose this if you have a broad build or prefer a generous, traditional cut with long tails.

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Charles Tyrwhitt Slim Fit Shirts

According to Charles Tyrwhitt, this is their most popular fit that flatters most body shapes, tapering gently through the waist. It is ideal for you if you have an average build, or you want a slightly tailored, modern fit.

60% off Charles Tyrwhitt Slim Fit Shirts
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Charles Tyrwhitt Extra Slim Fit Shirts

The extra slim fit is slimmer across the chest, arms and waist than the slim fit, for a fitted and contemporary silhouette. If you have a slim build or like a trim fit, then this is for you.

60% off Charles Tyrwhitt Extra Slim Fit Shirts
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Charles Tyrwhitt Custom Fit Shirts

The Custom fit is a new offering from Charles Tyrwhitt. It came around the same time as they discontinued the much loved Super Slim Fit, and it is supposed to give you the most proper fit available. Whether you are slim or broad, this shirt is custom tailored to fit you perfectly. CT Shirts Custom Fit shirts are generally delivered within 2-3 weeks of ordering, which is pretty fast considering they are custom made.

Charles Tyrwhitt Shirt Deals

While Charles Tyrwhitt's premium wrinkle free men's shirts are normally priced at over $100 a shirt, you can regularly find them on sale for anywhere between $30 and $50 a shirt with their 3 shirts for $99 sale or 4 shirts for $199 sale. Their Custom Fit shirts are priced at $119 a shirt, with an offer of Buy 2 shirts and Save 10%. Historically, the Dealperx team has found their shirts on sale for as low as $25, so definitely check out our Men's Shirt Deals section!

Charles Tyrwhitt Return Policy

Charles Tyrwhitt offers a generous 6-month quality guarantee, which means you are able to return or exchange part (or all) of your order within 6 months of purchase. While order exchanges are free of charge, if you are going to return your order, you will be charged a return shipping fee. Note that if you have ordered a Charles Tyrwhitt Custom Shirt, you will only be able to return or exchange your item if there is a manufacturing defect. Additionally, monogrammed items can not be exchanged or refunded.

How to Wash a Charles Tyrwhitt Wrinkle Free Shirt

When it comes to caring for your Charles Tyrwhitt shirts, CT Shirts recommends the following:

Washing Shirts

When washing your CT shirt, make sure to take out the brass collar stiffeners! They can stain the shirt and cause havoc in your washing machine filter. Check the care label of the shirt as this will give you the right instructions for the fabric you are dealing with. Unless otherwise instructed on the label, they recommend washing at 40°C (104°F) (this is usually the hot setting on your washer) with a light spin to retain some dampness.

Drying Shirts

If you are drying a wrinkle free shirt, Charles Tyrwhitt recommends tumble drying it, as a light tumble dry on low heat actually helps the Non-Iron properties. All other shirts should not be tumble dried, as they are made from 100% cotton and the cotton mills advise against this. Remove your shirt from the machine whilst still damp and hang it to dry. The majority of creases should drop out (thank you gravity!), leaving you less work when it comes to ironing.

Ironing Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts

Charles Tyrwhitt recommends the following easy steps for the perfectly presented formal shirt. Rule Number One: Always iron shirts while they are still damp , using a steam iron if possible. Starting with the collar, make sure your collar stiffeners are removed. Start with the underside of the collar and iron from the outside edge to the center, then repeat this on the opposite side. Fold the collar along the neckband seam and iron, creating a definite fold. Next, iron the cuffs and then the sleeves. Next, iron the back of the shirt and then the two halves of the shirt front. When it comes to using starch sprays, Charles Tyrwhitt does not directly recommend the use of starch or products designed to assist the ironing process. For a good deal on an iron, check out our home goods deals.

Charles Tyrwhitt Shirt Final Review

In conclusion, Charles Tyrwhitt definitely gives you a lot for your money. Their shirts are high quality, and their wrinkle free shirts are top rated. Especially if you get the shirts on sale, I'd highly recommend Charles Tyrwhitt shirts! Do you wear or have any questions on CT Shirts? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments!


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