7 Hacks to Make Holiday Shopping Much Easier

Holiday Shopping Tips You Should Definitely Follow This Year

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Written by Spencer Forman
November 18, 2020

The winter holiday season is a time when deal seekers set out and shop not only for holiday gifts, but some, for the whole year! It is a time when the best prices can be had on everything from clothing deals, to electronic deals and home appliance deals. Here are some tips to give you an edge this Black Friday/Cyber Monday season:

1. Shop Online

In-Store Holiday shopping can be a mess. Let's face it, we've all been there. Long lines, packed stores, people fighting for that doorbuster TV, and more craziness. This year due to COVID, many stores including Walmart are shifting their Black Friday sales from in-store to mostly or completely online. Not only is this great from a health standpoint, but it is also much more convenient! And let's be real here, it's much more satisfying to shop while you’re wearing your pajamas and slippers! #zoomcalls

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2. There's Always Cyber Monday

Didn't find what you want on Black Friday? Just wait a few more days and your sure to find something you like on Cyber Monday. Truth be told, in the past few years Black Friday and Cyber Monday has gone from a two day event into a month long savings extravaganza! So you are sure to be able to find deals on the goods you want.

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3. Be Prepared. Make a List.

Whether you are shopping online or in-store, be prepared. Jot down all the items you want (like that fancy new Bosch mixer, or those Valentino flats), and which stores are having a sale on that item, and compare prices. This will get you the best possible deal on the item you want, PLUS it will give you more than one option in case your preferred store sells out of your item. If you are buying gifts for your nephews and nieces, find out what they like and write that down too. No ugly sweaters please. This will \save you stress and from making extra unnecessary trips to the mall.

4. Compare Prices

We can't stress this enough! Do a price comparison. This is definitely important if you're planning on buying expensive items, like a new computer or Ferragamo shoes. Prices can fluctuate dramatically from hour to hour, and store to store, as each merchant tries to outdo the other. Stores known to do this often are Amazon and Walmart.

5. Buy Now. Return Later.

When you find a deal on something you want, and it's in stock, buy it! It's usually not good to act on impulse, but being that most retailers have extended and relaxed return policies during the holiday season, now is not the time to wait. Just buy the item, and if later you find another retailer with a lower price, you can always return it. You'll thank me later!

6. Free Shipping Day

Yes! Free Shipping Day is a real thing! This year Free Shipping Day is Monday, December 14 2020. And I know what you're thinking: "That's no big deal especially since more and more online retailers are offering free shipping as a standard these days!" Let me tell you something, you can still use this as an opportunity to get free shipping on orders that fall below the stores minimum price for free shipping! Ooh you didn't see that coming!

7. Shop on Dealperx.com!

*shameless plug! Yes, we're tooting our own horn! We know everyone is too busy with life and has no time to shop, let alone time to find good deals, and that's why we do it for you! Our team of savvy shoppers are highly educated in deal finding, as well as style! You can email us or DM us on Instagram, like countless others have, and let us know what you're looking for. Our team will keep an eye out for you, and post the deal as soon as we find it! Keep checking back this entire holiday season, as we know you'll find something you'll love! Every buck saved is another buck to spend! Happy Holidays and happy shopping!


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