Is an Annual Spring Cleaning Essential?

Stay clean and have fun!

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Written by Tamar
April 22, 2021

Spring Cleaning in my calendar is just as important to me as an annual appointment to the doctors office. A thorough annual cleaning is essential in order to get rid of dust and improve the air quality in your home environment. It makes one feel happier, healthier and overall improves your family relationships. Research has proven that when one lives in a clean and organized environment, they are more confident, accomplished and settled. Not only is an annual spring cleaning essential, it is important to dust but also get rid of unnecessary items in your home. Doing so will ensure that you do not accumulate unnecessary items and will prevent one from becoming a hoarder. 

I have to admit it's not always so easy to get into that mode of cleaning and organizing. However, knowing how it will positively affect you in the long run, it is well worth the time and energy. As someone who enjoys organizing, many have asked me how it is that I don't get overwhelmed by it. The simple answer is: Learn to enjoy it! Don't pressurize yourself and don't do it when you're simply not in that mode. When you are in the midst of organizing, give yourself a break, put on those sneakers and blast some music. Have your children or siblings join in the fun. It's always more enjoyable doing it with others. The most important part is that you shouldn't be dreading it while you're doing it - have fun!

Forming a list is very beneficial, as it will help you keep track of what has to be accomplished and what was already done. Checklists will alleviate that unnecessary stress and at the same time give you a feeling of accomplishment by seeing your household duties checked off your list. Go slowly and take it room by room instead of thinking of the house as a whole.  Of course by separating bags of “Keep” , “toss” and “giveaway” will always be so much easier. 

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When “Spring cleaning" comes to mind, one usually thinks of dusting and sweeping. However, an annual switch of your air filters should also be implemented as part of your spring cleaning. Changing your air filters and removing dust will not only make your home smell fresher, it can also help those suffering from asthma and allergies.

Keep in mind that when cleaning one does not have to use toxic chemical sprays, but can rather create their own homemade spray or paste. Cleaning ingredients that are a staple in my home are baking soda, and vinegar. I simply mix it with water and voila I got a spray. I use this to wipe down surfaces and even clean my pots with it.

An easy and important task that must be done when one is spring cleaning, is to get rid of expired products. Whether its food, makeup or medicine, this can alleviate unnecessary harm and sickness.

An addition to spring cleaning can be purchasing new items for your home. This can make it feel fresh and welcoming. Of course a home renovation is not necessary every year, but a small refurnishing go a long way. This can be purchasing a new entry mat or even a new painting. 

It goes without saying, that it is necessary to reward yourself when done. And no, I don't mean a trip to the Bahamas. Something as simple as indulging in a sprinkle topped ice cream or a heart warming mochaccino will go a long way!


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