Easy Ways to Organize Everything In Your Closet (For Cheap)

Clever closet organization tips to make your life easier.

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Written by Tamar
October 20, 2021

Whether you have a large walk-in closet or a small single rod closet, one thing we can agree on is that everyone hates a cluttered and messy closet. We rounded up some space saving ideas that will help you save space, stay organized and keep you sane! 

Start Fresh 

The first step to organizing any space is to take everything out. When emptying your closet, keep it organized by putting your winter wardrobe on one end of the room and your summer wardrobe on the other. This will make sorting through everything a lot easier! Now go through one category of clothing at a time. For example, start with sweaters, and then move on to the skirts and so on. This will keep the process of organizing much smoother. 

Give Away What You Don't Need 

The key to maintaining an organized closet is to limit what goes inside it. Dividing your clothes into categories will help you accomplish this goal. 

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  • Donate - This falls under a one year rule. If you don't love or wear the garment, it gets given away. This may be especially difficult when you never wore the item and it still has some tags on from the store. In order to satisfy the guilty feeling, give these garments to family and friends or a local charity.
  • Seasonal Clothing - Place your off season clothes in a plastic box, to store away. 
  • Items that don't belong in the closet - I'm sure you have a lot of things in your closet that just don't belong there, now is your time to take them out and find them a new home! 
  • Toss - Worn out clothes that people wont wear. 

Closet Organization Tips 

Stock up on thinner hangers, instead of the big bulky ones to save closet space. Make sure you have space for the long articles of clothing in your closet. 

A rod a little higher up for the long sweaters and dresses. If you have a higher ceiling in your closet, try to add another rod to instantly double the amount of hanging space. If you don't have room for tops and sweaters, store them on shelves or in drawers. It will look more organized and maximize your space at the same time. 

Store Off Season Items Elsewhere

During the winter, storing all your summer clothes away in bins or in another closet will give you more access to your clothes, and will be much easier to see what you have in your closet . You can also store some clothing under your bed. 

Add a Top Shelf to Your Closet 

Don't let valuable space go to waste. Place shelving dividers on the top shelf, so the items on the shelf are organized and pleasing to the eye. Categorize each section with labels. You can place off season sweaters, tops, bags and accessories . 

Floor Space

Don't forget about the floor space. You can place a shoe rack under the shorter garments. Or store boxes with accessories each labeled and categorized. Place a small step stool in the corner if you have a hard time reaching the top shelf. 

Organize Your Closet by Category and Color

Nothing like a colored coded closet, it just gives you the satisfaction of a newly organized clean closet. It will make your mornings much simpler. 

Purchase a Clothing Rack

For all those whose closets are packed to the brim and have nowhere to hang your garments; a clothing rack is definitely worth the splurge. Since the clothing rack is not hidden behind doors it forces one to hang up their clothes since it's viewed by all in the household. 

Hope these easy tips and tricks will help your closet stay clean, and organized!

Happy Cleaning!!


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