You Can Now Return Your Amazon Purchases To Any Kohl’s Store!

Of course there is a great convenience in shopping online, however since you don’t get a close look of the item and you don’t get to try the item on, there are occasions where you will need to return your purchase.

Until recently, this meant going online, filing for a return, printing out labels and taping up boxes. Don’t forget the fact that you had to keep the shipping box, or supply a new one. Then there is the going to the local post office and waiting on line in a mal-air conditioned facility. To some this was a big nuisance, and Amazon just changed this for the good!

Amazon recently partnered up with Kohl’s department stores to start accepting your Amazon returns in your local Kohl’s store. No labels, no tape, and no boxes! Kohl’s will provide all of that free of charge at the time of your drop off.

Here’s how to get started with returning Amazon orders at Kohl’s:

1. Begin your return with Amazon’s online return center.

2. Select the Kohl’s drop off option.

3. Amazon will email you a QR code.

4. Bring your returns to a Kohl’s store, and show your QR code to an associate.

5. Kohl’s will, pack, label and ship your return for free!

We think this is a great convenience, especially if you already shop at Kohl’s, saving you an extra trip to the post office. What do you think of this new move by Amazon? Let us know in the comments below!

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