Amazon Prime Day 2020: Tips and Tricks

Prime Day Tips + Get FREE money to spend on Prime Day!

Amazon Prime Day is Amazon’s most successful sale of the year. Prime Day is a two day annual event that usually takes place in July. This year Amazon Prime day will be held on October 13 till October 14. On Amazon Prime day, Prime members will have access to thousands of offers. (Don't have a Prime membership? Get 30 days FREE here!) Prime Day deals are definitely worth searching for. Many times these deals surpass any deals other stores have to offer on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some of the categories Amazon will be featuring deals on are kitchen appliance deals, Apple product deals, vacuum deals, fitness deals and much more! Check out the whole list here!

Below are tips that will help you navigate the web on Amazon Prime day.  

  • Firstly, in order to make a purchase on amazon prime day, you need to have an amazon prime membership. It’s very simple to create an account. If you do not wish to pay for it, you can sign up for the 30 day FREE trial.
  • From now until October 14, Prime members can spend $10 at Whole Foods Market online or in-store to get $10 to spend on Amazon during Prime Day.
  • Score another free $10 to spend on Amazon Prime Day when you spend $10 on items sold by select small businesses.
  • Sign up for deal alerts - search amazon ahead of time, and create a wishlist with a your must have items.
  • Look out for deals badges - Prime day promotions are colored in blue.
  • You can access Amazon Prime deals by using the Amazon website @, or on your favorite Alexa powered device, or via the Amazon app.
  • Hidden Deals: Ask Alexa “what the amazon prime deals are" since many deals are not going to be found on the actual website - only via an Alexa device.
  • Get notified for personal deals on the mobile app.

As always, we hope you score big during this years Amazon Prime day sales!

Happy Shopping!

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